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Climate change, or more specifically anthropogenic global warming and ocean acidification pose enormous threats to our global civilization. While other websites and services will define solutions from a particular point of view, this wiki is intended to build a body of knowledge this is greater than the sum of the parts. This is a wiki, which means it can be edited as knowledge and approaches mature, and connections can be documented and described in the level of detail needed. It will be curated by a team of editors with one aim: to identify as many possible solutions to our collective planetary emergency. In 2016, the author asked Wikipedia to include a new entry called "Clean Energy Economy" and was rejected because the reviewer considered it either political or not important enough for its own entry. There is something wrong when the biggest challenge of our civilization is considered a political issue. This wiki will build out the Clean Energy Economy. We start with the assumption that climate science is real. Debating solutions is appropriate, promoting multiple solutions encouraged. This is about finding a set of solutions that will work in our complex socio-economic political environment.

Different than wikipedia

While wikipedia maintains scrupulous standards for not promoting a point of view and is not a publisher of original thought (per their terms), by contrast this wiki will promote a rigorous approach to solving the problems of climate change and include original pieces when that makes sense. We include in this wiki a range of solution areas and directions, from energy technology breakthroughs, to new systems thinking, to economic models, to social approaches, to policy approaches, and so on. An editorial filter is applied to the factual basis of the entry, but speculative thinking is encouraged and will be identified as such. We need new solution thinking, from a variety of directions, not just from the engineering perspective or the economist perspective, or the business perspective, or the religious perspective... we need all of them. It's time for all hands on deck. If you would like to make an entry, please register above and we'll get you started. Some topics we are working on: • related to Electricity Made Carbon Neutral or energy technology breakthroughs

wind power
energy storage technologies
solar photovoltaic technologies 
Installed base of renewable energy technology

• related to economic models or business perspective

carbon pricing mechanisms 
consumer actions
low carbon lifestyle

• related to geo-engineering or speculative energy technology breakthroughs

ocean acidification solutions
atmospheric carbon removal
methane capture

• related to land, transportation, other holistic approaches

land use policy
low carbon transportation
climate solutions

• By Sector

Electricity Made Carbon Neutral  
Transportation Made Carbon Neutral 
Agriculture Made Carbon Neutral 
Manufacturing Made Carbon Neutral 
Buildings and Built Environment Made Carbon Neutral 

All that said, we will also have a partial list of known climate solution scams.

This site is hosted by [Better World Credits][1] a US Based Charity.


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