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definition: Engineering perspectives or approaches are grounded in the concept that all of the solutions imagined will primarily require a range of new or technological solutions.



Engineering our way out of climate change is something often proposed by technologists who see this primarily as a problem of energy production and distribution methods. They point to the availability of wind and solar insolation (solar irradiation) and the massive amount of energy that reaches the planetary surface on any one day. Given the role that technology has played in raising the standards of living for billions of people, they argue that the solutions are entirely within reach. Solutions proposed include utility scale solar, wind, and storage solutions linked to new transmission lines to those new production and storage location and/or localized energy production and consumption as exemplified by rooftop solar arrays. Still others point to the enormous energy found in wave and tidal action in the seas, or from geothermal sources, or from nuclear power.

Futurist author Ramez Naam cites the falling prices for renewables, especially wind and solar and the development of energy storage

 "Renewable electricity prices are likely to continue to drop, particularly for solar, which has a faster learning curve and is earlier in its development than wind. The IEA expects utility scale solar prices to average 4 cents per kwh around the world by mid century, and that solar will be the number 1 source of electricity worldwide." ( 

Relationship with Geo Engineering

Moreover, some scientists argue that we are already past the point where we can rely on reduction of carbon emissions and must now turn to geo-engineering to avoid the worst case scenarios of disastrous climate change. Despite problems with this concept, this should not be seen as an either/ or proposition according to many proponents of the strategy.

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